It’s funny how historically people came to America for freedom and now people are desperately trying to leave so they can have freedom without being rich







do you ever just want to gently place your hands on someones cheeks and hold their head there in your hands and looking into their eyes and then violently jerk their head on a right angle and snap their neck

Well, that took an unexpected turn.

so did their neck

I’m dying

So are they

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I found this picture on my computer.

I found this picture on my computer.

hah, weirdo

hah, weirdo


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Name: Brandon
Birthday: February 23
Favorite color: Blue, obviously!
Lucky number: uhh

Height: somewhere between 5’7” and 5’9” but no one can actually decide.
Talents: being amazingly bad at photoshop, mostly.
Last dream you remember: I don’t remember my dreams basically ever so
Can you juggle: I can hold three balls and not throw them!
Arts/sports/both: Arts, I honestly kinda hate sports xD
Do you like writing: Yeah but I can’t do it.
Do you like dancing: Of course! I never got into it like I should have though.
Do you like singing: Yeah, but I’m weirdly insecure about it actually.


Dream vacation: Video games and food with no responsibilities. Yep.
Dream person: I don’t know what this means?? Maybe Gavin Free??
Dream wedding: I honestly have no clue. oops xD

Dream pet: This is unfair HOW DO I PICK THERE ARE SO MANY COOL ANIMALS. And at the same time I don’t have the patience to actually take care of them properly. xD
Dream job: I really doubt it’ll ever happen but being a big name director would be hella.


Favorite song: I’m blue - eiffel 65, obviously
Favorite album: Maybe I’m Dreaming - Owl City
Last song you heard on radio: I don’t even remember
Least favorite song: I dunno, but Blurred Lines is a good pick.
Least favorite album: I’m so bad at music you expect me to have LEAST favorites??
Least favorite artist: I dunno. Any of the ones who are sucky people. Favorite artist hands down is Adam Young, though.


Guys/girls/both/neither: I just like having friends but if we’re talking sexuality, just girls for me. I know, cis hetero scum or whatever. I just really do NOT like guys. xD
Hair color: it really doesn’t matter it could be gamma ray colored, as long as it looks nice on that person. *nods*
Eye color: Green/blue….I hate my brown eyes xD
Humorous/serious: who would even pick serious like they must be a lot of fun at parties
Taller/shorter: I honestly don’t care unless it’s like a 5 foot height difference or something stupid like that
Biggest turn-off: Being a jerk for no good reason.
Biggest turn-on: Personality? I feel like that’s a cop out answer but yeah.

I’m gonna tag: aghostpepper, prince-of-wind, ohgroovetastic-one, dissociating-in-wonderlandbriannibal, schmedzageddon.

I don’t expect you guys to actually do this, but yeah. xD


Do I go home early and deal with my family but get to play destiny or stay on campus and deal with friends even though I am totally drained of social energy…hmm…


Seeing all my friends and their friends being like “wow I’m capable of graduating next semester if I wanted to” when we started at the same time and I’m probably going to need another two years of college or something if I even make it through really kinda sucks. Like, I’m happy for them and all, but like. Man am I bad at college.